Olivia McGraw | Wealth Strategist


Olivia loved algebra growing up. The joy was in taking a complex equation, working through the “problem”, and distilling it to its purest form: x =…. Which is how she feels about being a wealth consultant. Olivia loves meeting new clients, hearing about their financial goals and dreams, working through the complexities of their current situations, and strategizing the most efficient way to reach their goals. She loves being a guide, and simply presenting opportunities that will make others successful in their endeavors.

Olivia’s journey with Unbridled Wealth started as the Executive Director of the non-profit wing, UnbridledACTS. Ironically, her background is far from the financial world, but each experience contributes to how she both sees the world and approaches her work. She attended The Citadel (the military college in South Carolina) and studied English. Olivia carries a high standard of personal discipline love for literature. She lived in England, received a Masters in International Development, then moved to one of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi, in the middle of Africa. The same principles to improve our financial situations apply universally, although we have many more opportunities to grow wealth in the developed world. Olivia discovered that even amongst the poorest of the poor is a desire to be self-sufficient, a hero to their own families, and enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

When not strategizing with clients, Olivia is chasing two powerful little girls, and hoping they’ll also develop a love for concurring mountains and discovering far off lands. She loves spending quality time with her husband and is thankful for his encouragement to pursue a career in something so dynamic and fun.

Areas of focus include budgets & planning, retirement strategies, and financial education. Specializes in working with families and real estate investors.