Josue Collado | Wealth Strategist


Josue’s career in real estate began in the Fall of 2018, and features working as a JP Morgan Real Estate Banking Summer Analyst, graduate of the Master’s of Science of Real Estate Program at the University of Florida, and now currently as a Realtor in Gainesville, FL’s #1 “Walk-to-UF” Realty company.

Despite Josue’s success in academia, small business, and corporate business, Josue has learned that true success begins within a family’s household. For this reason, Josue is delighted to join the Unbridled Wealth team and pursue his goal of helping families learn how to manage their finances in order to maximize their time investing in themselves and their relationships.

Josue and his wife Estefania have been greatly impacted by applying the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) in their lives and thus desire to share their knowledge with other families. By applying IBC in their finances, Josue and Estefania look forward to buying back their time so they can spend more time with each other and focus on enjoying God’s beauty within creation.

Areas of focus include Young Families, Financial Education and Real Estate Investors.