Bryan Hoey | Wealth Strategist


Bryan Hoey is a business owner, husband, father, investor, and financial nerd.  He fell in love with learning, growing, and particularly financial education when he was 26 years old.  He went to Oklahoma Christian University and graduated with his MBA in 2015. He began consuming everything he could get his hands on, from Rich Dad Poor Dad, Money Master the Game, attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, and reading books from all types of financial gurus in the space.  Bryan’s passion and goal in life is to help others find financial freedom by building the right strategies for them and immediately getting them to take action.

Before Unbridled Wealth, Bryan served in the United States Air Force for 7 years.  He had two deployments as an Air Battle Manager on board the AWACS and spent the last 2 years teaching the next generation the skills needed to succeed.  He loves serving his community and giving back to others.  He now lives in Celina, TX with his wife Whitni, son Connor, and daughter Caylee.  Some of his favorite things to do are reading, working out, mixed martial arts, investing, and great conversations with friends and family.

Areas of focus include budgets & planning, retirement strategies, and financial education. Specializes in working with business owners and real estate investors.