In 2015, a career entrepreneur with 15 successful startups under his belt, met with a wealth advisor who had, in 35 years, delivered over $1 billion in cash-value life insurance to clients. Their discussions quickly turned toward strategies for creating generational businesses and family legacies, motivated by a desire to leave the world in a better place.

They had arrived at the same conclusion:

“We need to reimagine the way we think, talk and innovate around the topic of wealth…and help people discover the truth about money.”

This discovery process yielded an alternate solution to the ineffective banking system we currently have. Today, they are leveraging their years of uncommon experience and expertise to place the power of personal banking back into the hands of the rightful owners. Their collaboration provides expertise in generational wealth strategies, value-building business finances, succession planning, and a valid response to our student loan crisis.


“Emergent” is a movement of people and businesses dedicated to reshaping society by embracing the concepts of destiny, authenticity, and radical generosity. By transforming the lives and legacies of individuals, we can transform companies, communities, and cities. There are now 22 companies, and counting, in this family.

An event production and event management agency crafting transformative experiences. We’re known by our values-driven culture, creativity, and full-service flexibility.

Providing travel solutions for corporate entities, incentive trips, and Unbridled partners.

Collaborative video experiences using striking visual techniques and the right equipment to deliver content that makes audiences feel, think, and change.

A thriving collective of trades specializing in civil and structures work, new commercial projects, and historical preservation.

A contact center that takes an uncommon approach by focusing on a “Performance for Purpose” model, which provides for a generous giveback by mentoring and empowering team members and partnering with local non-profits.

Part parent company and part consultancy, the Emergent mission is to create an ongoing legacy by advancing a business model that transforms individuals, companies, and communities.

We Would Enjoy the Opportunity to Partner with You

We Would Enjoy the Opportunity to Partner with You