Make Generational Prosperity Your Purpose

In 2015, a career entrepreneur with 15 successful startups under his belt, met with a wealth advisor who had, in 35 years, delivered over $1 billion in cash-value life insurance to clients. Their discussions quickly turned toward strategies for creating generational businesses and family legacies, motivated by a desire to leave the world in a better place.

They had arrived at the same conclusion:

“We need to reimagine the way we think, talk, and innovate around the topic of wealth…and help people discover the truth about money.”

This discovery process yielded an alternate solution to the ineffective banking system we currently have. Today, they are leveraging their years of uncommon experience and expertise to place the power of personal banking back into the hands of the rightful owners. Their collaboration provides expertise in generational wealth strategies, value-building business finances, succession planning, and a valid response to our student loan crisis.

Joe Pantozzi


Wealth has been a part of Joe’s life long before it was his career. First, it was a wealth of learning alongside the family he was born into, and before he knew it, his understanding of wealth transitioned to educating a family of his own. The legacy Joe planned to hand down to his kids shifted entirely after watching his parents work solely to retire, and failing to have a plan for their money after they were gone.

After 35 years of experience in the industry and creating over a billion dollars in legacy, Joe has learned to arm his clients with a possibility mindset that thinks multi-dimensionally and multi-directionally about the capabilities of their money. His Socratic approach allows people from all financial backgrounds to not only conceptualize the ideas but to ultimately kickstart their own generational legacies. His courtesy and respect of every individual in a given room is tangible, and yet hearing his kids call him “goofy” doesn’t seem too far of a stretch either. When he’s not knee deep in developing financial futures for his clients, you can expect to find Joe’s nose in a book and his feet in the sand with as many of his family members nearby any chance he can get.

Wise / Generous / Loyal

Stan Bullis


In just 12 years, Stan Bullis went from a dishwasher to the President of a $250m company. As a serial entrepreneur, Stan, has invested in a diverse portfolio of businesses that has allowed him to become a true testament of what Unbridled Wealth can accomplish. He’ll tell you that wealth is not a number, but instead a profound sense of reason and something that is much bigger than you as an individual. His journey to arriving at this understanding was a process of breaking things and then fixing them insisting that this is the best way for him to truly learn. Naturally following his new grasp on wealth, was the idea of generational legacy that revealed itself during the restoration of the Dennis Sheedy Mansion in Denver, CO. While initial plans were to pioneer a new home for the consistently growing Unbridled family, Stan quickly realized that the team would instead be stewarding a legacy that already existed, and unlocking a treasure that was there all along. It only seems fitting that he now considers his highest accomplishment to be the creation of a process that activates abundant living and generational legacy.

Stan is a proud husband and father of three who has found the work life balance simply by living his life from the end to the middle. Whether he’s loading up the family for another cross-country RV adventure, or just humming along to a new riff on the guitar, you’ll feel his contagious energy and are sure to leave an interaction more inspired than when you arrived.

Faithful / Fearless / Generational

Jonathan Wield

VP, Partner

Originally from England, Jonathan Wield has called various US states home since 2008 after finally settling down in beautiful Denver, Colorado. With a non-traditional entrance to the world of finance, Jonathan soon became the go-to expert for many of his colleagues and friends faced with a big financial decisions.

Through trust and reputation, Jonathan excelled as a business finance expert specializing in Historic Real Estate transactions and lending a hand in starting more than fifteen businesses. From purchasing a failing music school and helping it cashflow in under a year to discovering and successfully receiving almost $1M in Historic Tax Credits for a Real Estate project in Denver. Jonathan is also currently a partner in six businesses, Managing Partner of Unbridled Wealth and leads the Finance Team for UpperRoom Denver.

Though Jonathan is a numbers guy (with a minimum of eight excel spreadsheets open at one time), he is also someone who deeply cares about inheritance and win-win scenarios for families and businesses. While the businesses keep him busy, his values never falter and he always finds time to be with his family. He has a rambunctious 4-year old daughter, Eleanor, and a (literal) rock-star wife, Dana.

Bob Sumrall

Director of Development

Victor Vega, Jr.

Wealth Advisor

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